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Our Go Local Retail Club is seen as one of the leading Retail Clubs in the independent retail sector by both suppliers and consumers alike.

Go Local is supported by Parfetts, who have traded successfully for 30 years in the independent wholesale channel.  Parfetts through Go Local, will provide you with a store solution that the independent retailer needs to be successful in today's extremely competitive and challenging sector.

Working together with retailers and supplier partners, Go Local Promotions are now available in over 800 retail stores.  Sales have grown every year since it's introduction in 2001 and now exceed £20 million per year.

Having taken into consideration the feedback and comments from some of our 800 Go Local Club members, we are now re-launching Go Local in a new format that is tailor made to accommodatethe requirements of individual Go Local Club members.

Our new symbol group, Go Local Extra, is available to established Go Local Retailers who achieve the highest standards and are able to fully execute the large promotional package.

Go Local Plus and Go Local give retailers the opportunity to create a retail store solution that suits their needs and the needs of the local community.

Whichever tier of Go Local Retail Club you choose to participate in, it will provide a fully integrated retail store solution, with the tools to increase sales and profitability.

With a dedicated team of Retail Advisers, Go Local will offer one of the most comprehensive retail promotion packages and support services in the Independent Retail Sector.  Our Retail Advisers will be on hand to work with you to make your Go Local promotion a success and to maximise sales.

So no matter how big or small your business, we can provide the right package for you; one designed to give your business more choice, more support, more control and more profit!

About Go Local


Go Local is widely viewed in the industry as being one of the best Retail Promotional Packages available to the independent retailer.

Go Local has been developed to encourage footfall through the effective promotion of a wide range of products, covering everything from household goods and grocery items to the off licence.  Through Go Local retailers can offer consumers better value and a more competitive choice of products, all available on their doorstep.

Go Local members have access to special one-off deals and bulk purchases which allows them to offer the consumer unbeatable discounts and price promotions.

£20 million

Go Local promotional sales in excess of @20 million were achieved in 2011, with that figure expected to increase in 2012.


There is also a dedicated Retail Development Team who are responsible for Go Local at each Parfetts depot, to offer advice and assistance throughout the promotion.  There is also access to manufacturers' extra investment in the form of equipment, display stands, exclusive launch offers and Own Brand lines and opportunities to puchase special offer packs normally only available to major multiple retailers.

The Retailers

Services by our 6 depots we currently have Go Local Retailers spread across the North of England, the Midlands and the North of Wales, varying in demographic with each retailer ranging in size, turnover and customer base.


All Go Local customers receive a free Point of Sale (POS) Kit, containing leaflets, posters and shelf talkers free of charge.

We currently run 12 themed promotions throughout the year.  At specific times in the year, for example Easter and Christmas we extend the offer period and increase the size of the promotion.


All depots have a designated Go Local Area, with the majority of Go Local lines featuring on the current promotion situated here.

On request each depot has a picking service available.  Once orders are placed, customers are able to collect their order, which will be palletised and ready for collection.

What's Included?


Retailers will receive a rebate at the end of every promotion on their Go Local product spend. The rebate is be subject to the retailer fully executing the promotion.


Promotions will feature a maximum of 125 required products, which should translate on average into 70 price points and would present a full convenience offering:

Beers, Wines, Spirits, Grocery, Soft Drinks, Pet Food, Toileteries and Meds, Household, Crisps and Snacks, Lifestyle value, Chilled and Frozen, Confectionary

Store Development

Retailers will have access, subject to criteria, to full store development, including for the first time, a Go Local Extra fascia and additional imagery.  Go Local Extra retailers will also receive ongoing and regular support from our specialised Retail Development Team, providing advice and guidance.

Category Partners

Retailers will gain exclusive access to our category partners.  This means they will benefit from supplier interaction with sales advice, planograms and exclusive deals.

Our Retail Development Team will work with suppliers involved in the Category Partner Programme to ensure execution of best retail practice in store.

Opening Order

In order to maximise retail sales, a standard opening order will be picked for every Go Local Extra retailer.  This order will be assembled and rady to collect in depot on a agreed date.

Credit Terms

As an exclusive benefit to Extra customers, 1 weeks credit, payable by direct debit, will be available on all opening Go Local Extra orders subject to credit checks.


Retailers will receive free leaflets, personalised with store addresses, free window posters and free shelf edges.

Free personalised leaflets, Free window posters, Free shelf talkers, Consumer website, Social Media campaigns, Additional POS to download

Go Local Extra retailers will also for the first time benefit from a consumer website and advertisements through social media.  Retailers will also have access to the Retailer Zone on the Go Local website and will be able to download category data and additional POS.


The store refit has been an amazing transformation. Parfetts development team have been available at every stage of the refurbishment and have been my sole point of contact throughout.

Go Local Extra has given the community a modern and revitalised convenience store. The promotional package and new store layout has increased footfall and within the first month sales have already increased by 23%.

Shahid Rafiq
Store Owner: Spring Gardens

Go Local Extra is more of a supermarket than a convenience store, with amazing deals that compete with the superstores.

Go Local Extra is the symbol group that really stood out and with Parfetts help and support I knew it would be a fantastic success. I really would recommend anyone to look at Go Local Extra before thinking about joining any other symbol group; in fact I highly recommend it.

Manish Jadav
Store Owner: M&A Stores, Bradford

Go Local Plus

80 products

Promotions wil feature a maximum of 80 required products, which should translate on average to 50 price points and would present a convenience store offering.

Beers, Wines, Spirits, Grocery, Soft Drinks, Pet Food, Toileteries and Meds, Household, Crisps and Snacks, Lifestyle value, Chilled and Frozen, Confectionary


Plus retailers will receive support and guidance from our Retail Development Advisers who will visit stores on a regular basis to discuss promotional execution and compliance.


Plus retailers will receive  free leaflets,  window posters and shelf edges.


Go Local Plus will not only serve as an ideal promotion for retailers with restricted space, but also act as an ideal platform for retailers who would eventually like to progress to our Go Local Extra promotion.  

Retailers will be under no pressure to move up to Extra, indeed our Plus package will undoubtably be beneficial to the majority of our retailers. 

Retailers will also, if they feel it would be appropriate, have the opportunity to drop down to our smaller promotional package, Go Local.

Go Local Online

Consumer website

Modern retailing is more than being on the high street or a store in the local community, and technology develops and advances every day.

Two thrids of all consumers now own a smartphone and technology allows retailers to communicate and interact with shoppers even when they are not in store.

Over 40% of consumers think convenience stores should have their own website, but less than 20% of convenience stores actually do.

Social Media

Go Local Extra Facebook and Go Local Extra Twitter campaigns will directly target consumers with specific promotions, from 'The Bid Night In', or 'Big Pack Beers' for BBQ's, Go Local Extra online will be working for you 24 hours a day.

Facebook Page and Twitter feed

Facebook pages, knows as Fan Pages are designed for businesses, brands, companies and products.

It enables organisations and other entities to create an authentic and public presence on Facebook.  We will encourage users to become fans on our page and share information with them by uploading pictures, videos, status updates, hosting discussions and displaying wall posts.  Facebook Pages are visible to everyone on the internet.

We will also run promotions and connect with our users via Twitter - which is a live, effective way of advertising your brand.

Email Marketing

With online competitions, store locations and emails direct to your customers, Go Local Extra retailers will be equipped for maximising the potantial of online advertising and competing in a very competitive market place.

We will look to build up a consumer email database in order to direct mail consumers with news and offers.